Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Day 331 | Bondi to Coogee Walk, Froyo & sunny Winter Day

[Attention: only iPod photos this time!] Yeah so I (unfortunately) didn't take my camera with me when I did today the Bondi to Coogee Walk. It was so nice, sun was out, blue sky and oh my gosh the water was incredible. So so blue. I really felt like just jumping into it! After we walked all the way to Coogee and then back to Bondi we got some Frozen Joghurt (my choice as always: natural yoghurt + strawberries). // Photo below via

Montag, 14. Juli 2014

Day 321 | Woohoo - Germany is the Soccer World Champion 2014!

Getting up at 4am to watch the match later on, was definetely worth it (okay, I admit: I was awake anyway, thanks to my weird sleeping-routine). So I guess everyone knows it, Germany won the soccer world championship 2014 in Brazil. It was a really thrilling game, as I think. Argentina was really good too! After Germany's goal I realized that the live broadcast of SBS One on the internet wasn't live for some reason (I noticed it cause I was listening meanwhile to German radio & there they suddenly started screaming and freaking out while I was thinking about which goal they are talking, because the live-broadcast was 3 or more minutes behind). But anyway, I can't believe that I really say that but I wish I would be in Germany now to celebrate the Championship with my friends. Car parades, beeping, fireworks, celebrating - all that. So well done guys! Congrats Germany from Australia! [Sorry guys but I really couldn't deny myself this post. I also dunno what's wrong with me. Cause normally I am not interested in soccer - gone crazy]. // Photo credit btw to beautiful Jasmine Dowling.

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Day 328 | Ice Skating at Bondi Beach, Sunny Winter Days, Bridgeclimb & Pancakes on the Rocks

[1] I did the Bridgeclimb with a friend today! And oh my gosh, it was INCREDIBLE! It's not that cheap but still worth the money. The view is fantastic and our tour guide and the service was just great. Simply amazing. [2] I bought two cooking books: 'Bills Food' by Bill Granger (got that one at a book store in Bondi, it's a second-hand one) and 'Favourite Recipes of Australia'. [3] Sunny days in the garden - photo numero uno. [4+5] Best curry ever! I am totally into Indian cuisine atm. [6] Sunny days in the garden - photo numero dos. [7] Little sweetie. [8] Palm Trees. [9] All day at the Beach. Best ever. [10] Sunny days in the garden - photo numero tres. [11] Really wish I could go swimming in the pool. But gosh, it's so freezing. [12] Fav shot. [13] Again at Pancakes on the Rocks. So yum. All-time favourite. [2014 - SOCCER WORLD CHAMPION] Yay, Germany! Congrats! Awesome match! Getting up so early was def worth it. What a perfect start into the week. Wish I could be in Germany and celebrate. [15] Went ice-skating on the ice rink at Bondi Beach. So much fun. Just seing the beach while ice-skating is such a weird feeling and perspective.

Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Day 314 | The Best Ice Cream Shop on Earth: Messina

Today I went with my loves to the Messina Ice Cream Shop in Bondi [G6/61 Hall Street / Bondi NSW 2026 / Opening Times: MON - SAT 12pm - 11pm SUN 12pm - 10pm]. And oh my gosh, I really never had such good ice cream before! I had 'salted caramel + white chocolate' & 'vanilla'. I have to admit that I didn't like the 'salted caramel + white chocolate' that much but I tried some other flavours like 'strawberry' and 'banana split'. SO GOOD. I guess from now on some dinners will be ice cream than cooked meals. Btw, there are also other stores of Messina in Sydney, go & check them out! DARLINGHURST STORE Shop 1/241 Victoria St. / Darlinghurst NSW 2010 / Opening Hours: SUN - THUR 12pm - 11pm FRI - SAT 12pm - 11:30pm SURRY HILLS STORE 389 Crown St / Surry Hills NSW 2010 / Opening Hours: SUN - THUR 12pm - 11pm FRI - SAT 12pm - 11:30pm     

Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Day 312 | Surfing at Manly & Strawberries

That was a fun day. Early on the morning I got on the bus with my surfboard. I met one of my friends at Manly Beach where we went surfing. We also quickly stopped at Coles, cause the 2 boxes of strawberries costed only $4! Unbelievable! Chocolate was also cheaper than normally and so we had our after-surf-meal ready: stawberries with chocolate. Yum!  

"Happiness isn't about getting what you want all the time. It's about loving what you have."

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Day 306 | The Coastal Walk at the Royal National Park [walking 30km in one day!]

6am - After getting up at 5, getting ready, getting on the bus to Bondi Junction, I finally was sitting in the train to Cronulla. I always love it when I am the only person in a wagon - one of those rare momtents in Sydney. Also while waiting for the train, I enjoyed eating my breakie [cause of course there was no time at home for breakie / yummy Carmans muesli + apple + milk]. 

9am - After meeting my friends on the train & getting on the ferry in Cronulla to the Royal National Park & finding the beginning of the Coastal Walk, we finally started the walk. I have to say although I've done quite a lot of walks along the ocean I again was amazed by the beautiful landscape. 27km to go! 

10am-12pm - Walking, walking, walking. And enjoying the amazing view. We took some photos at a spot with a weird cliff (photo 5) and then people came and told us that at that spot someone died this week. Once they said it we didn't go closer to any edges or anyway on any cliffs like that. At that spot we also found later some 'RIP'-drawings in the sand. So scary and so sad. 

12pm-3pm - We had a little break at a nice place with a little lake. The sun was shining so nice, wish we could have stayed longer there. But well, still 20km ahead! 

3pm - 5pm - Getting confused about how many km are left. Figuring out that there was somewhere a hostel. Watching surfers at the beach. Walking. Eating. Walking. Walking. Walking. Noticing that all the other hikers are gone. Meeting an Aussie guy on the way who just starts laughing when we told him that we want to walk to Gosford (at about 5pm). 

5pm - 7pm - Getting our torch ready (cause we were so well-prepared and just had one). Walking, walking, walking. Darker and darker. Torch on. Horror movies come across our mind. Tired feet. Hurting feet. Most said sentence: 'When are we finally there?'. 

7pm - WE MADE IT! Finally at Gosford train station. The way to the station was well, a total joke. Felt like we were on the wrong way & in a bad horror movie (haha, what walking through the bush at night time does to you!). 27km [plus 3 or 4 inoffical kilometres like the way to the ferry etc.]. In ONE single day. We felt incredibly good and incredibly tired. What an amazing day. Ever walked 30km on one day, ha?
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